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  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
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Vastu Peace work since 1994 (A Perfect Vastu Science by VEDIC Vastu)endeavors at covering all the diverse aspects of vastu. We not only provide you consultation, planning, designing, diagnosing a problem and providing the proper line of treatment so as to achieve the desired results but intend to provide a better wholesome living by offering various vastu services, remedies and spiritual cures recommended by our Vastu Guru Mr. Manish after a careful and diligent study of your particular case.

Site visiting ( residential and commercial), problem finding through MAP verification, rectification of ground floors, extension of first floor and plans and design making of new Building and Complexes.

Reorient the existing imbalance of energies and balance them so as to achieve solutions to the existing problems in any Vastu. The Architects of the firm, design the plan according to the principles of Vastu Shastra,rules and regulations of Municipal Corporation.

We have obtained the best results from contemporary civil engineering and architecture methodology, clubbing it together with the ancient Vedic Vastu Shastra's norms and laws in our practice. Our basic objective and purpose is to provide maximum -long term benefits and satisfaction with a practical approach towards remedial measures.

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Vaastu Shastra, Astrology, Palmistry are Ancient Indian Sciences for happy living.
It is advisable to consult a professional before taking any vital decision.

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